Muhtadi’s analysis of vote-buying in post-democratization Indonesia is original, profound, subtle, nuanced, and convincing as well as beautifully organized and well written. Equally important, its imaginative policy prescriptions will be widely read and cited as a significant contribution to the literature of comparative electoral politics. —William Liddle, Ohio State University, USA.

This book presents a pathbreaking analysis of vote-buying in Indonesia. Drawing on a stunning array of evidence, Muhtadi reveals the mechanics, patterns and effects of vote-buying with unprecedented clarity. Vote Buying in Indonesia is a must read for anyone interested in Indonesian politics or in the comparative politics of clientelism. —Edward Aspinall, Australian National University, Australia.

This book contains a trove of interesting research questions, a novel theoretical contribution, impressive empirical work, and a deep and nuanced understanding of the Indonesian case. —Allen Hicken, University of Michigan, USA.

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